Shimadzu's New Compact Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometers Offer Exceptional Ease-of-Use and Functionality

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FTIR systems detect infrared light that is transmitted through or reflected from the sample, and then determine the wavelength components in that light by a Fourier transform process. They are used for applications such as identifying or quantifying substances contained in samples or predicting their chemical structure. In recent years, the demand for compact models has increased because they require less laboratory space. At the same time, customers have asked for systems that are highly expandable and easy to operate.

For these reasons, the development process involved both hardware and software. From a hardware perspective, the new systems, despite being one third the size of Shimadzu’s standard model, have the same sample compartment width. For software, a new program allows operators with minimal analytical experience to acquire high-quality data. These models are primarily being marketed to pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, and academic institutions.