Shimadzu's New TD-30 Series of Thermal Desorption Systems for Gas Chromatographs and GCMS Systems Provides Accurate Analysis of Volatile Compounds

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A thermal desorption system is a pretreatment unit in which a tube that concentrates volatile components is heated, and the volatile components from the tube are loaded into an analytical instrument with high sensitivity. It has been used for the analysis of toxic substances in the atmosphere and substances responsible for sick house syndrome included in building materials and interior materials. In recent years, automotive interior materials and electrical equipment materials have been added as targets of analysis, and the detection of compounds with a wide range of boiling points is required. In response to such needs, Shimadzu developed the TD-30 series, which can accommodate components from low to high boiling points. As pretreatment units for GC and GCMS, they are intended for a variety of analysis targets, including toxic atmospheric pollutants, flavor components in food products, the air in clean rooms, and unusual odors from products.