Shimadzu Promotes the Creation of Products Using Key Technologies Through Joint Research and Development Innovation Centre in Singapore in Operation

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Shimadzu is promoting joint research and development with universities, research institutes, and companies with innovative technologies. As Shimadzu’s sales for its main analytical and measuring instruments business have been more extensive in countries outside Japan, it is important to quickly develop products and application systems that meet local needs and satisfy latent needs.

Based on this policy, in 2015 Shimadzu established an Innovation Center with about 20 employees in its subsidiary Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., located in Maryland in the United States, to conduct joint research with advanced researchers in the United States and create products utilizing research outcomes. Shimadzu also opened the Mass Spectrometry Center in its subsidiary Shimadzu (China) Co., Ltd., in Beijing in the same year to develop and establish high-end mass spectrometry systems. In 2017, Shimadzu designated advanced universities and research institutes that conduct joint research and development with Shimadzu as innovation centers, and established a headquarters in its subsidiary Shimadzu Europa GmbH located in Duisburg, Germany. The Head Office in Japan and innovation centers worldwide including the new Innovation Centre in Singapore will work together to accelerate the development of truly unique and number one products.