New C2MAP Automated Pretreatment Module for Cell Culture Media Analysis Automates Processes from Pretreatment to Measurement

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In recent years, in antibody pharmaceutical fields, it has become increasingly important to record the consumption of components and accumulation of waste matter (secreted metabolites) in culture media, so that cell cultivation parameters can be optimized for manufacturing drug substances. In addition, in regenerative medicine fields that involve iPS, ES, or other cells, there is a need for technology that can evaluate cell quality in real time without damaging the cells. There is also a need to reduce the replacement frequency of expensive culture media. Since monitoring the changes in culture supernatant components over time provides information that is useful in these fields, LC/MS/MS analysis has become increasingly important in the optimization of cell culture conditions.

However, due to the lack of products available for seamlessly performing processes from sample preparation to measurement, there was a need for a system that could be easily used even by inexperienced operators. Therefore, Shimadzu developed the C2MAP-2000 automated pretreatment module and the C2MAP system for steps involved in determining the status of cultures and researching cultivation process steps at major pharmaceutical companies, biotech ventures, pharmaceutical CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations), and various research institutions. In the future, Shimadzu intends to offer solutions based on LC/MS/MS measurement technology for controlling and optimizing cell cultivation process steps.

* Culture solutions with floating and dead cells removed