Magritek Introduces SpinsolveTM the Fastest Compact NMR Spectrometer

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For chemistry teaching, research, and process control.

Wellington, New Zealand, March 18, 2013 – Magritek, a leading provider of compact NMR and MRI instruments, introduces the new SpinsolveTM compact NMR spectrometer. This benchtop instrument brings fast, high-resolution NMR spectroscopy to the chemistry bench and the chemistry classroom.

The speed, resolution, and ease of use of SpinsolveTM compact NMR spectrometer ushers a new experience to NMR spectroscopy. Superb spectra are available in seconds. The SpinsolveTM NMR spectrometer uses standard 5mm NMR tubes, enabling quick sample loading and unloading. With the instrument located on the bench nearby it is now possible to monitor reactions almost in real time.

For chemistry education, the ability to make a meaningful measurement and get on and off the instrument in about one minute redefines how NMR can be incorporated into the teaching laboratory. With a single instrument in a class, each student can make a series of NMR measurements as they progress through their assigned sample preparation. T

he SpinsolveTM compact NMR spectrometer is controlled by easy-to-use software that runs on a separate PC. It has been designed to enable users to operate the system with very little training. Traditional NMR complexities are hidden and automated. The system uses a fast automatic lock, giving the user the choice of whether or not to use deuterated solvents.

Once the spectrum is acquired it can be viewed immediately, printed, or quickly sent via email or network to another location for further analysis. The data is easily opened in third party NMR software.

Magritek designs and manufactures a range compact NMR and MRI instruments with customers worldwide.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Andrew Coy
Wellington, NZ
Mob. +64 21 137 2017