Improved Fluoroscopy Image Processing Technology and Network Functionality Release of Two Models of the FLEXAVISION eXceed Edition R/F Systems

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Shimadzu has released HB and FD packages of the FLEXAVISION eXceed edition R/F systems. These two new models feature new fluoroscopy image processing technology for acquiring clearer images and improved network functionality for more efficient system wide operation.

These products include fluoroscopy image processing technology that efficiently reduces noise in response to patient movement detected for each pixel in the image, which is performed in real time at high speed by newly developed hardware. Consequently, the products can be used to obtain clear fluoroscopy images with minimal image lag caused by patient movement. Furthermore, functionality for automatically adjusting the image contrast in X-ray signals has been optimized, so that fluoroscopy can be performed on up to 15% thicker areas using the same X-ray levels as previous models. Additionally, DICOM-compatible network functionality has been improved to enable more efficient system wide operation. (DICOM is an international standard for medical digital images and communication.)

Based on the given application or hospital operating methods, customers can choose either the HB package of the FLEXAVISION eXceed edition, featuting functionality for spot filming using a wireless FPD or CR/film cassettes, or the FD package, which supports a 14 x 17-inch size cassette tray.

FPD: Flat Panel Detector
CR: Computed Radiography
I.I.: Image Intensifier