Hamilton Releases Latest Addition to PSD/4 Precision Syringe Drive Product Line

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New PSD/4 Smooth Flow blends enhanced slow flow rates with precision dispensing for increased application flexibility across a wide volume range

Reno, Nev. (July 28, 2017) – Hamilton Company expands its PSD/4 precision syringe drive product family with the launch of PSD/4 Smooth Flow. The new PSD/4 Smooth Flow delivers exact flow rates in nanoliters per minute with total dispense times up to 8 hours. They are perfect for engineers looking for an economical way to automate processes that were developed on lab scale pumps.

The PSD/4 Smooth Flow is ideal for flow cytometry and microfluidics applications where smaller sample volumes, faster analysis time, and more sensitive detection mechanisms require accurate, extremely small, precision flow rates. The compact PSD/4 design now has 192,000 steps of resolution across the 30 mm stroke. The pump is compatible with a variety of catalog and custom valves as well as standard and long life syringes from 12.5 µL to 12.5 mL.


PSD/4 Smaller Photo

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