Fabric Genomics and Sentieon Sign Strategic Partnership to Bring Advanced Genomic Analysis Capabilities to the Clinical Market

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Technology Collaboration to Power Fabric StandardTM, the Fastest and Most Accurate Secondary Analysis Solution Available

OAKLAND, Calif. & MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. & PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fabric Genomics, a global computational genomics company, and Sentieon, which develops highly optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications, today announced a technology partnership that will enhance Fabric Genomics’ secondary analysis capabilities within Fabric EnterpriseTM, the company’s new end-to-end precision medicine platform.

Fabric Genomics’ new secondary analysis offering, Fabric StandardTM, is 10 times faster than commonly adopted BWA-GATK tools. Unlike BWA-GATK, Fabric Standard has no down-sampling of reads and is deterministic, even when run on multiple threads. This leads to more accurate scientific results and better overall efficiency.

“By adding Sentieon’s award-winning algorithms to Fabric Enterprise, we are able to deliver a seamless end-to-end solution for genomic data analysis, from FASTQ to clinical report,” said Matt Tindall, CEO of Fabric Genomics. “This marks a broad expansion in our capabilities as a company and provides our customers with the option to work with one software partner for all their NGS testing needs.”

Fabric Genomics and Sentieon plan to co-develop new next-generation variant calling capabilities for hereditary disease and oncology, yielding accuracy improvements beyond the tools that are available today. A key focus for the companies will also be developing structural variant and copy number variant capabilities for genomic analysis built upon Sentieon’s ICGC-TCGA Dream Challenge-winning tools and Fabric Genomics’ BioGraph technology.

“Working with Fabric Genomics, Sentieon can help to improve patient care around the world with a best-in-class total solution for clinical care,” remarked Dr. Jun Ye, Sentieon’s CEO. “We anticipate opportunities to build important and powerful new applications with the Fabric Genomics team.”

In January 2017, Fabric Genomics acquired Seattle-based Spiral Genetics, an innovative secondary analysis software company. Spiral’s breakthrough, graph-based technology, BioGraph, is designed to enable population-scale data mining and accurate detection of structural variants for clinical laboratories, life science companies and country sequencing programs.

To learn more or schedule a demo, visit http://fabricgenomics.com/contact/.

About Sentieon

Sentieon (www.sentieon.com) develops highly optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications, using the team’s expertise in algorithm, software, and system optimization. Sentieon is a team of professionals using accumulated expertise in modeling, optimization, machine learning, and high-performance computing, to enable precision data for precision medicine.

About Fabric Genomics

Fabric GenomicsTM is a computational genomics company offering end-to-end genomic data analysis, annotation, curation, classification and reporting solutions to clinical labs, hospital labs, country sequencing programs and life science companies. Fabric Genomics’ analytic capabilities begin with raw data analysis and include the delivery of rapid, comprehensive insights for high throughout panels, exomes, and whole genomes. The company can process any NGS file input (e.g. FASTQ, BAM or VCF) providing alignment, variant calling, annotation, guideline-driven variant classification, variant interpretation and clinical reporting for both hereditary disease and oncology. Fabric Genomics was founded by scientists and industry pioneers in bioinformatics, large-scale genomics and molecular diagnostics, and is headquartered in Oakland, California with satellite offices in London, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Boston. By accelerating access to insights related to the cause of genetic diseases, Fabric Genomics is leading the way in precision healthcare.


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