Automotive-Experts-Newsletter: Stay ahead

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As your on-demand expert, we at Leica help you solve your imaging problems while you can stay focused on your core competency: Innovating.

Offering customized solutions, we work with you during product engineering to provide you expert imaging technologies for visualization, measurement, analysis, and documentation. Take advantage of our comprehensive experience in the automotive sector and stay ahead. Thanks to our modular microscope solutions, adapting to change and dealing with new challenges doesn’t have to be complex.

Examples of our microscope imaging solutions and services for R&D, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, and Failure Analysis can be found in our Automotive-Experts-Newsletter:

  • Pigment manufacturing: Confocal microscopy replaces electron microscopy for some types of analysis.
  • Handling large samples: Learn how to effectively inspect samples like pistons and their rings.